The significance of energy-saving lighting


Waste of energy management in our country at this stage is more serious, in response to the Chinese Government's "sustainable development" the call, in the current energy situation is not adequate, the rapid spread of the product has great significance. In Western developed countries, the power industry is a calculation of 100 billion U.S. dollars annually because of the huge market, saving not only the government to develop an important aspect of energy policy, even to the country's economic stability and political security of the high! In China, millions of businesses are waiting for power to transform, as it is to reduce costs and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, was the key to more profit.


Authority of department pointed out: return on investment is saving the fastest and most secure one of the new investment model. Power control is a long-term high-return investment, saving and investment compared to other more secure investment, lower risk. U.S. financial publication "FORTUNE" (Fortune) magazine recently published the Global 2000 companies have done the senior management of a project called "the next fifty years the world's top ten fastest-growing industry" of the sample survey: power-saving Top ten industry sectors ranked fourth. The organizers of the survey analysis of the reasons that: electricity has not yet been effectively controlled. It will be possible within five years through a series of new technologies and marketing initiatives to promote the improvement, so that enterprises can save at least 20% of the electricity bill. The global power market will also be a 300 billion U.S. dollars more than the size of the market. Therefore, the use of the products in the huge economic benefits at the same time, will be great social benefits.


Energy-saving products that can be called green products, China's green lighting scheme to conserve energy and reduce lighting costs, reduce pollution sources, environmental protection, improve the quality for the purpose of lighting. In recent years, urban lighting, lighting in factories and enterprises in the rapid development, there is light at the request of not only the "bright" as the standard. The correct use of light source, to improve their living, office, public places, lighting environment, green lighting, has become an important symbol of modern urban one.

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